Year of the Dog – Meet Bear

Year of the Dog - Bear - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

UPDATE: Bear was adopted in July 2018!!! Congratulations Bear! Click here to read about the other Year of the Dog pups looking for homes in 2018 – let’s get them all adopted!

2018 is the Year of the Dog, and it’s the perfect year to finally be adopted! To celebrate Lunar New Year, we’re taking time to highlight a few of our pals that we want to find homes in the Year of the Dog.

Meet Bear

Year of the Dog - Bear - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Age: 2 years old

Bear has been with Special Pals since April 2017.

Lab-mix Bear lived with a family since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, he was constantly bullied and attacked by the other dogs in the home. Kept separated in a crate, his fear and isolation left its impression on his personality. When his owner surrendered him to Special Pals, we knew we could give him a second chance to thrive in a happier home.

What You Need To Know

Since coming to us in April 2017, only one person has asked to look at Bear. He deserves to meet many more people than that, because behind his initial shyness, he is such a good dog.

When faced with new people or situations, Bear starts out fearful but eventually warms up and shows his puppy side. He is young and energetic, and his Labrador senses really kick in during our weekly dog walks. He loves to run and play!

Year of the Dog - Bear - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Bear’s Forever Family

Labradors are notoriously loyal dogs, and Bear is no exception. Patience is needed to help Bear know that you can be trusted, and he responds very well to positive training methods. He will do well with other dogs in the family, as long as they are not aggressive and can keep up with his playtime antics. With a family of people and animals that he can trust, Bear will be an amazing, silly companion.

One person meeting Bear is just too few! Come meet Bear at Special Pals, open Wednesday-Sunday for adoptions. We’d be overjoyed if Bear finds his forever home in the Year of the Dog, but we would be happy to discuss a foster arrangement with the right family. Click here to check Bear out on Petfinder.