Year of the Dog – Adopt in 2018

Update (August 20, 2018) – Napolean, Sara, Pippa, and Arctic & Blanco are still waiting to go HOME in 2018. Keep sharing their stories to help them get adopted!

Lunar New Year begins February 16, and 2018 is the Year of the Dog! In Chinese astrology, the dog is regarded as an auspicious animal. If a dog visits a house, it is said that fortune will follow. Dogs symbolize sincerity, independence, and loyalty; they are not afraid of difficulties in daily life. We think that perfectly describes every dog looking for a home in our shelter… and we think 2018 is their year to finally be adopted!

We want these seven dogs to find families in the Year of the Dog. These pups have all been at Special Pals for a while, some of them longer than a year, and it is time to get them ALL homes!

Year of the Dog - Napolean - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX


After spending years on the streets, Napolean was saved and brought to Special Pals for a second chance. He has been challenging, but if his family is patient, they will be rewarded with a loyal companion for life. Read more about Napolean >>

Year of the Dog - Arctic & Blanco - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Arctic & Blanco

These siblings are a dynamic duo full of fun who have been together since they were born. But what should have been a lifetime of safety has become an unending shelter life – they have never known life in a home. Read more about Arctic & Blanco >>

Year of the Dog - Sara - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX


Caring and calm, Sara is a quiet old soul disguised as a dog. Despite living most of her life in a shelter environment, she is incredibly social and accustomed to other dogs and people. Read more about Sara >>

Year of the Dog - Pippa - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX


Rescued off the streets of west Houston, Pippa celebrates one year of shelter life in 2018. We are hoping 2018 is the year she finds a family that she can trust, and love. Read more about Pippa >>

Year of the Dog - Poppy - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Poppy – ADOPTED!

We found Poppy tied to a trailer in the Special Pals parking lot. This beautiful bully baby is strong, smart, and ready to run with her new family. Read more about Poppy >>

Year of the Dog - Bear - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX


He spent the first year of his life being attacked by other dogs. Now, Bear is ready for a gentle family to help encourage him to be happy in their home. Read more about Bear >>

Let’s make it the Year of the Dog!

Special Pals is a no-kill animal shelter, and we are open Wednesday-Sunday for adoptions. We would love to introduce you to our very special adoptable dogs and cats. We want these seven dogs to find their forever home in the Year of the Dog, but we would be happy to discuss a foster arrangement with the right family.

Help us get these special dogs adopted! Use our social links to share their stories and spread the word. We know their families are out there!