Year of the Dog – Meet Poppy

Year of the Dog - Poppy - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

UPDATE: Poppy was adopted in April 2018!!! Congratulations Poppy! Click here to read about the other Year of the Dog pups looking for homes in 2018 – let’s get them all adopted!

2018 is the Year of the Dog, and it’s the perfect year to finally be adopted! We’re taking time to highlight a few of our pals that we want to find homes in the Year of the Dog.

Meet Poppy

Year of the Dog - Poppy - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Age: 2 years old

Poppy came to Special Pals in April, 2017 and was adopted in April, 2018!

As they were leaving for the day, our staff discovered Poppy tied up to a trailer in the Special Pals parking lot. Well… her leash was tied to the trailer, but she had wiggled out of her collar. As kennel manager Valerie carefully approached the unfamiliar dog, Poppy didn’t move – she stayed laying down next to her collar and leash. The only thing that got her to move was the sound of dry dog food being poured into a metal dog bowl. She didn’t care about anything in the world but eating! Poppy was hungry, and she was in pretty poor shape with patches of fur missing and a too-skinny frame.

What You Need To Know

With tender loving care and a good diet, Poppy bounced back to great health! She is young and energetic and loves to run it out in the yard. Poppy is a stout little dog, but she is strong! She doesn’t know her own strength, to be honest! Our weekend walkers know that they need to eat their Wheaties before they put powerful Poppy on a leash! Take note: we have seen that she is not very tolerant of other dogs. She will be petted and loved on, sometimes, on her own terms… remember that she was left on her own, and it’s clear to us that being a loved family member isn’t something she knows a lot about.

Year of the Dog - Poppy - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Poppy’s Forever Family

It would be best if Poppy was the only dog in her family, for now. She also needs to share her home with older children who can respect her need for personal space. Most of all, she needs someone who will keep up with her energy, and be patient as she learns what it is like to be loved and cared about as an important part of a family.