Year of the Dog – Meet Arctic & Blanco

Year of the Dog - Blanco & Arctic - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

2018 is the Year of the Dog, and we’re highlighting our pals that especially deserve to find homes this year.

Meet Arctic and Blanco

Year of the Dog - Arctic & Blanco - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

Ages: 6 years old

Arctic and Blanco have been at Special Pals since May, 2016.

This adoptable pair came to Special Pals from an East Texas animal sanctuary that had become overrun with more dogs than their volunteers could manage. They were well fed and kept in a covered enclosure, but from the age of 10 months they lived outside at this facility. Every dog at this sanctuary had a bunk mate, and Arctic and Blanco lived together that entire time. But unless it was time for food, they never interacted with humans.

Spending their lives  together has created an unbreakable bond between these two. Watching them run and play we can see just how attached they are to each other. They speed around the yard together and are always looking out for each other. You’ll see Arctic look over her shoulder, watching her brother. When Blanco rounds a corner, Arctic speeds up to keep him in her sight. They love to play, but they are well behaved and respect the boundaries of the fence line too. During leash walking practice with our volunteers they are side by side, inseparable. They need a home together, and we are committed to making that happen.
Kennel manager Valerie describes this brother-sister duo in a way that will be familiar to anyone with a sibling: Arctic is the serious and poised “older” sister, while Blanco is the prankster “younger” brother who is always trying to goad her into play.
Their breed is a bit of a mystery! Their heads resemble Huskies, their bodies are stout and solid, and they both have spots along their backs like a dappled pattern you’d see in sporting breeds. We would love to test their doggy DNA and figure them out!
Year of the Dog - Blanco & Arctic - Special Pals Shelter, Houston TX

The Ideal Home

Taking on one big dog is a challenge on its own. When there are two who are as bonded as Arctic and Blanco, the challenge doubles, especially after so many years of solitude.

As far as we know, this pair has never lived inside… at least not that they remember. Their unique background will present some obstacles for their forever family. Normal household noises like microwave beeps, TVs and radios, ceiling fans, and vacuum cleaners will scare these two pups. They have not interacted with children younger than 12, so we recommend a home with older kids and teens. They love being outside, so an active home with a big yard and a love for the great outdoors would suit them just fine. Most of all, patience and a sense of humor will go a long way for Arctic and Blanco’s new family.
Meet Arctic and Blanco at Special Pals! Our shelter is open Wednesday-Sunday for adoptions, and we would love to help you get to know this pair. We want them to find their forever home in the Year of the Dog, but we would be happy to discuss a foster arrangement with the right family.