What Is Microvolunteering?

Microvolunteering for Special Pals

April 15 is Microvolunteering Day, an awareness day that reminds us all to take just a few moments out of our day to support nonprofits we love… like Special Pals!

So what is microvolunteering anyway? Micro means small, and “microvolunteering” is simply volunteering in small ways! These ideas don’t take much time or planning, but they sure add up to a whole lot of love for our shelter.

It’s easy to be a microvolunteer for Special Pals every day – here’s how!

Like & Share Our Social Posts

Whether you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all three, get social and give us a like when you see us pop up in your feed. Better yet, a Facebook share or RT (that’s a retweet if you’re new to Twitter) will help get the word out about our adoptable pals like Napolean and our community events.

Pick Up A Little Extra

The next time you’re shopping for the fuzzy friends in your house, think about buying one extra pet product for the adoptables at Special Pals. Grab stuff from our wishlist, or keep it simple and pick up one extra bag of food. We mix up our food brands to make it easy on our pals’ tummies when they are adopted and transition onto one kind of food. Whatever you’d feed your own babies, we’ll feed to our babies!

Shop at Kroger & Randalls

When your grocery store rewards cards are connected, every purchase made at both Randalls and Kroger contributes to Special Pals. It’s easy to set up and truly is a “set it and forget it” way of microvolunteering for us. Find instructions for Kroger right here. Talk to customer service at any Randalls store and give them our organization number 1620 to add to your card and earn for us.

Shop Online

Here’s another easy connection that supports the shelter. Visit smile.amazon.com every time you shop on Amazon, and you’ll be earning donations for Special Pals.

Shopping through iGive helps give back to the shelter, too. Online shopping  at over 1,800 online stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Crate & Barrel earns a percentage of donations.

Want even more ideas? Walking your dog with the Walk For A Dog app by Wooftrax enters us in to win grants every month! Checking in on Facebook every time you visit the shelter gets the word out about us on social media (and you’ll get $5 off your services!) Tell your friends and family about our adoptable pets, our low-cost spay and neuter programs, and our vaccination clinics. Dropping us a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook helps too. We’ve been saving lives since 1981, but you’d be surprised how often people in Houston tell us: “we didn’t know you existed!”

Spreading the word in very little ways makes a big difference! Thank you for supporting our shelter – click here to make a monetary donation on PayPal.