Rescue Boarding

The goal of Special Pals Rescue Resource Center, through collaboration with local rescue groups, is to continue to save as many animal lives as possible in Houston. Our rescue boarding services provide a solution to the "bottleneck" that exists when getting dogs from at-risk to adoptable... the in-between time when fosters may be full, or transports may be delayed.

With kennel space for 104 dogs, outdoor runs, and a dedicated staff of animal caregivers, our strengths as a brick-and-mortar facility empower rescue groups to start animals on a path towards adoption.

We are ready to join together with 501c3 rescues who share the same mission we've had since 1979: to save lives.

Contact us at rescue@specialpals.org to schedule your rescue boarding space.

Rescue Boarding

All payment is due at the time of booking.

Boarding Period

  • Daily
  • Monthly

Fee Per Kennel

  • $15.00
  • $395.00

Prorated Daily Rate

  • $15.00
  • $13.00

Discounts available for longer advance bookings, ask us for details!

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept? Special Pals accepts cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal transfer for rescue boarding.

If we book space for one month or longer, how often can we swap dogs? As often as you would like, as long as there is only one dog in the kennel at one time. There are no additional fees for swapping dogs in and out of kennel space you have booked.

Can I book multiple kennels for multiple months? Yes, we encourage it! We want you to have peace of mind that your rescued dogs will always have a place to go.

Can we arrange after-hours drop off? Yes, however, there may be an additional fee.

I am a member of a rescue group, can I just drop off a dog? No, all boarding must be coordinated by emailing rescue@specialpals.org or by calling 281-579-7387.

Can I pay at pick up? No, all payments are required in advance. If you need to extend the number of nights, advance payment for the extension is required on the last day of the original boarding term.

I don't have a dog to board now, can I get everything set up ahead of time? Contact us at rescue@specialpals.org for a rescue boarding contract. We will also require a copy of your organization's 501c3 status and your tax exempt form.

What are the boarding requirements? All dogs must be current on Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper, and be current on heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention.

Our rescue dogs will be due for heartworm prevention during their stay, can your staff administer? Yes, as long as the prevention product is provided to us.

Do we need to provide food? Food will be provided, but we will happily use any food you bring.

Do we need to provide bowls, blankets, or toys? No, we will provide all items that are necessary for their care and comfort.

What happens if a dogs gets sick, do you have a vet that can treat him or her?  Depending on our part-time vet's availability, boarding dogs can be evaluated and treated by our vet for $15 plus the cost of any treatment or medications. If our vet is not available, we can take your dog to a local clinic that charges $25 for an office visit. Our transport fee minimum is $15 and will depend on the length of wait. Payment for vet care is due at pick up or by the end of the month, depending on which is first.

Can you board puppies? Only on a case-by-case basis, please discuss with us ahead of time by emailing rescue@specialpals.org or calling 281-579-7387.

Do you provide heath certificates? Our vet can issue interstate health certificates. It is the rescue's responsibility to verify if the Aphis form 7000 is approved for your dog's travel.

Do you accept aggressive dogs? For the safety of our staff and other boarding dogs, we do not accept aggressive dogs. If a dog becomes aggressive during their stay, you will need to pick them up within 24 hours.

We rescued a dog but don't have a foster, transport, or potential adopter; will this be a problem? Our rescue boarding is best suited for short-term stays and dogs that have an outcome scheduled. Boarding isn't an ideal option for long term and we want to avoid warehousing rescue animals. Within reason, we can work with rescues and help network to find permanent placement for the dog.

Can our organization's volunteers come walk the rescue dogs? Yes, with advance notice. We will require all volunteers to fill out our volunteer paperwork. Volunteer space will be limited.

I have a trainer that wants to work with one of our dogs, can they stop by the shelter to train? Yes, with advance notice. We will require behaviorists and trainers to have a form on file with us.

How do I find out how my dog is doing? Upon booking you will be given a direct phone number to contact for immediate answers. You can also call 281-579-7387 or email rescue@specialpals.org.

We have a transport scheduled for our dog, can your staff take him or her to the meet up location? Yes, depending on staff availability. This will need to be scheduled in advance and the cost will be determined once we have the details of the transport.

Our rescue will be pulling from a municipal shelter, can you help with transport? Yes, depending on staff availability. The rate for local transport is based on travel time and number of dogs. For example, if we are transporting five dogs from Harris County, the rate is $25 plus $10 per dog for a total of $75. If there is a delay at the pick up location, additional charges may apply.

Are your runs heated or air conditioned? Yes to both.

How big are your kennels? Roughly 12 feet x 4 feet.

Where are you located? Our address is 3830 Greenhouse Rd. Houston, TX 77084 (map here). We're located in west Houston near Katy/Bear Creek, north of I-10.


Contact us at rescue@specialpals.org to schedule your rescue boarding space.