Protect Your Pets from Predators

Keeping Pets Safe from Coyotes and Wild Animals

In suburban areas like Katy, Richmond, and Fulshear, wild animals like coyotes and other predators grow desperate with their natural water and food sources diminishing. To survive they will sometimes turn to easy prey – your pets.

Special Pals - Protect Your Pets from Predators

Keep your pets safe and discourage wild predators from visiting your home by following these tips:

  • NEVER leave pet cats or dogs outside at night, period.
  • Make sure your trash containers are closed or put away in a garage or shed so coyotes, raccoons, and possums cannot get to the garbage.
  • Invest in some wolf urine. Yes, actual wolf urine. Spraying your yard’s perimeter will keep unwanted four-legged guests out – including other neighborhood animals. If spraying urine around your yard is just too weird, it comes in dried granules too!
  • Make sure your fences are at least six feet tall. If you have to install a fence, consider including roller bars at the top to prevent coyotes from jumping in.
  • Coyotes are night animals – it has been suggested that motion sensor lighting in your yard and on your house may discourage them from hanging around.
  • Trim bushes and shrubbery in your yard so there is no available place for predators to hide. Be sure your property has no convenient den spots, a cave-like place that provides shelter, including culverts or unused sheds.
  • Keep compost piles well enclosed in a composting tumbler or barrel. Compost heaps are a banquet for wild predators.
  • If you have one, consider taking down your bird feeder at night. Birds are not the only animals that eat the contents of your feeder. Mice, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and other animals also snack on the seeds. These animals are a natural food source for the coyote and if they’re in your yard, coyotes will follow!

Even smaller wild animals like raccoons and skunks can be a hazard to your pet because of the diseases they can carry. The Special Pals Low Cost Shot Clinics can get your pets current on all of their shots to keep them safe from deadly diseases. Click on our events calendar to see when we’re holding the next Low Cost Shot Clinic.