Out-of-State Pals Helping after Harvey

Even if you’re not in the Houston area, there are still several ways to help us out after Harvey.

  1. Donate items from our Harvey Recovery wish list on Amazon
    They’ll ship right to the shelter and we’ll put them to work!
  2. Donate to our Harvey Recovery fundraiser on GivingGrid
    Share the love and add your heart to our Grid!
  3. Donate on PayPal
    From your heart to ours, to do good where we are needed.

We have heard from dozens of big-hearted pals all across the country who want to help us stay #HoustonStrong and we cannot thank you guys enough!

Special Pals - Hurricane Harvey Donations - Cooper

We’ve even heard from past adopters who moved out of state, like Cooper and Jeff:

My name is Jeff Campognone, and I live in Maryland.  For a short period of time, I lived in Southeast Houston.  With everything going on down in Texas, I started to think of where I adopted my best friend, Cooper, in February 2015.

I am forever grateful to your shelter for allowing Cooper to come into my life.  He is a dream dog, the perfect dog for me, and my best friend.  He is sweet, funny, and very smart.  My family and friends have immediately fell in love with him when they met/meet him.  Cooper and I relocated to my home state in Maryland, just 44 days after adoption, and loves it.  To this day, he loves being outside, getting his belly rubbed, and is very spoiled, getting baked chicken and bison as a special treat at times!

Cooper and I thought it would be a nice idea to donate to your shelter a few days back, and I want you to know that I’m actively trying to get some of my friends to do the same.  They, like me, are concerned about the displaced pets due to the hurricane, as well as the pets already in shelters like yours.  The staff at Special Pals along with other shelters, do God’s work and deserve any help they can get.  Please accept my donation to serve the pets at the shelter.  I know it’ll be put to great use.

Again, I sincerely appreciate the work the staff does, and I am thinking about you all during this time.  I’ve attached a picture of Cooper’s adoption listing, and a picture of him today.  Thank you so much for tending to my best friend while I was looking for him. He is very loved, and a huge part of my life.

Warmest thoughts and regards,

Jeff Campognone
Laurel, Maryland

All of your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are felt and appreciated. You’re keeping us going and we cannot thank you enough!

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