Better Together – Meet Our Perfect Pairs

Adopt a Bonded Pair - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter Houston

Shelter life can be stressful, but it’s easier when you’ve got a friend you already know and trust. When bonded pairs enter the shelter together, we are committed to keeping them together. With patience the right family always comes along to fall in love and adopt a bonded pair, even if sometimes it takes a while.

There are a few duos at Special Pals who have been waiting for just the right family to find them and adopt them into their home. Meet a few of our paired-up pals, and share their stories to help them finally go home!

Carrot and Chica

Carrot & Chica - Adopt a Bonded Pair - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter Houston

Carrot (a Terrier mix) and Chica (a Chiweenie) were found in 2017 near an abandoned house in Pearland and had to be trapped by animal control. They were in rough shape and considered feral, but before they could be euthanized, a volunteer stepped in and took them home. As this volunteer worked on socializing them it was clear they hadn’t have much contact with people before.

We have turned that sad start around and shown them that people are “good”! They are still timid with people they don’t know, but our amazing staff and fosters have been working to get them used to being loved the way dogs are meant to be loved.  They even got to spend some time at Camp Bow Wow Katy, and they were very well-behaved campers! It was great for them to have many other people and many other doggies as a part of their everyday life for several weeks.

Carrot and Chica are a joy to watch – they play hard and snuggle hard! They bring each other lots of comfort. At just about 2 years old, they are so young to have lived on the streets, unsafe and unloved. Patience and kindness will win them both over and you will have a perfect pair of lap dogs to share your home with you.

Lexi and Giovanni – ADOPTED!

Lexi & Giovanni - Adopt a Bonded Pair - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter Houston

Lexi and Gio were adopted in August 2018! Congratulations!

This peculiar pair were surrendered to Special Pals together from the same family. Lexi is a purebred female Doberman Pinscher and Giovanni is a purebred male Yorkie. Both are 3 years old, and even though their size difference may look funny at first, there is no doubt that they are each other’s best friend.

Lexi is a ball-fetching fool! She is easy to walk on a leash and Giovanni keeps up with her without ever falling behind. It’s delightful watching them run the yard together – Giovanni almost looks like a puff of dust following quickly behind Lexi’s long, powerful strides!

Buddy and Rosie

Buddy & Rosie - Adopt a Bonded Pair - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter Houston

Buddy and Rosie are a couple of characters with great personalities! Their former owners were sisters and they have spent lots of time together. Buddy (the Pug) isn’t as agile as Rosie (the Terrier) but they can keep up with each other.

Buddy & Rosie - Adopt a Bonded Pair - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter Houston

Buddy and Rosie can be found cutting up regularly during our Sunday dog walks! They love to stop in the shade for cuddles and scratches. Rosie has been known to be a daredevil, as seen above in what kennel manager Valerie calls it her National Geographic pose! Come and meet them together and consider making them part of your family!

Apache and Echo

Echo & Apache - Adopt a Bonded Pair - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter Houston

This bonded pair of Husky pals are just about 2 years old and full of energy. Echo looks to be purebred, while Apache is a Husky/Shepherd mix. Apache is heartworm positive and is undergoing treatment at Special Pals. They were found as strays together; with no ID tags, no microchips, and no owner coming forward, they made their way to the shelter.

True to Husky traits, their energy level is extremely high and they can become a handful if not given plenty of activity, both physical and mental. But the great thing about this pair is that they already have a playmate and can match each other’s energy and activity; their new family should do their part too with regular walks (and runs!) and playtime to keep them extra busy. Echo and Apache would be wonderful companions for an active couple who enjoy jogging, long walks, and even hiking.

Because of their rambunctious personalities, a home with older children would be best for Echo and Apache. We also strongly recommend that applicants be familiar with Huskies and their unique personalities and needs when considering this duo.

What you get when you adopt from Special Pals:

  • A new best friend who wants to be loved, and wants to be a part of your family.
  • A dog or cat who has been cared for every day by a dedicated staff of animal lovers.
  • A pal that is already spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all of their shots.
  • A smile on your face, and if you adopt a pair, double the love in your home!

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