Foster Stories – Meet Hambone

Foster Stories - Happy Tails for Hambone - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter in Houston, TX

Fosters are our friends at Special Pals! Meet Hambone and his foster mom Ksania… and read all about their happy ending!

Hambone is the oldest senior at Special Pals. He came to us in the heat of the summer in 2017; he was found walking in the middle of the road and suffering with heat exhaustion. Hambone was adopted in 2017, but returned three months later. Since then, no one has asked to visit with him. Two facts about Hambone make him less likely to be adopted… he’s a black dog and he’s a senior.

Fast forward to December 2018 when a wonderful woman, Ksania Lerner, came and spoke with kennel manager Valerie about fostering a senior dog. They walked the kennels and (as Valerie was hoping) she chose to foster Hambone! Cue the paperwork! After fitting him with tags, a collar, and harness, they walked out to Ksania’s SUV. As they were debating getting the ramp out to help him get in her vehicle, Ksania opened the door and that old boy shocked everyone by SAILING through the air and landing in the backseat as if he were two years old!! He was ready to go!!

“Everything went well with coming home, I walked him and he peed on LOL! He ran in circles non-stop around the pool in the back yard… then he decided to just dive in. Scared me a little but he swam like a champ. now he is obsessed with the pool! While in the house, he’s being a good boy, and he is a sucker for butt scratches.”

Throughout December, we got updates and photos and videos that kept us smiling and laughing and cheering Hami on!!

“It’s gonna be really hard to take him back to you, he seems to like it here.  He’s now invited himself on our bed! He is a home dog, loves a human bed. He’s not scared, and he loves the outside for all the running he can do. He’s not a senior dog in mind… he acts like a puppy now, full of energy. He plays hard and sleeps hard.”

Hambone’s stay with Ksania was always meant to be temporary. She had a passion for fostering, especially fostering senior dogs, and we were so glad that she chose Special Pals and Hambone for her foster adventure. After pushing back his return date a couple of times, we got a phone call… Ksania decided to make Hambone a permanent part of her pack!!

In addition to working his labrador water-dog genes in the backyard swimming pool, Hami gets to visit his family’s farm and get all of the outside action he can handle! We are so happy that he will be with Ksenia and her family for life!

About Fostering with Special Pals

We are always looking for foster families with room in their homes and their hearts for our pals. Foster arrangements have no time frame, and we will be happy to help match you with one of our adoptable dogs. A Special Pals foster helps us out by telling the world all about their new roommate, plus giving important feedback about the dog’s personality and behavior. Fosters also introduce them safely to new situations they will encounter every day when they are no longer a shelter dog, like neighborhood walks, meeting new people and animals, car rides, and comfy couches!

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Special Pals foster.

Congratulations Hambone!!

Foster Stories - Happy Tails for Hambone - Special Pals No-Kill Shelter in Houston, TX