Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Pet Safety for Halloween

You’ve heard about how to keep your kids safe on Halloween, but what about your pets? Here’s a few helpful reminders to keep the spooky spirit fun for everyone.

  • Halloween brings out the cutest pet costumes, but make sure that you pick a safe costume for your pet. Watch for loose pieces that can fall off, or be chewed off! Avoid putting anything over your pet’s face or eyes and make sure the costume leaves your pet enough room to move comfortably.
  • Don’t force your pet into a costume if you know they won’t like it – you know their personality better than anyone! If you really want them to be festive, opt for a bandana instead.
  • Chocolate is harmful to dogs & cats! Do not let your children share their Halloween loot with your pets, and keep an eye out for dropped pieces of candy in your home. Candy wrappers can be choking hazards too!
  • If you display a jack-o-lantern or light other candles, make sure to keep them out of reach of curious kitty noses and powerful wagging tails.
  • While handing out candy, make sure your pets don’t dart out of the door. Consider putting up a safety gate, or keeping them in a crate or a separate room until trick or treating is over.
  • Also, if your pet is sensitive to strangers, knocking, or the doorbell ringing, consider keeping your dog inside while you sit in your driveway or on your porch to pass out candy – it will be much less stressful for both of you!
  • If you take your dog trick or treating with your family, treat him just like you would another child. Put reflective tape on his leash, or get a battery-powered blinking light for his collar.
  • Keep in mind that even the calmest of dogs often get jumpy in unfamiliar situations – and nothing is more unfamiliar than large crowds in costumes and masks! Know your pet’s personality – if there is any doubt about how they may react, please leave them safely at home.
  • Having a party? Give your pets their own private room for the evening. Relocate their food, water, and litter box into an “off limits” room – your master bedroom or bathroom is a good suggestion! They won’t have to worry about dodging spooky party-goers, and you won’t have to worry about them sneaking out of open doors.
  • Just like with any holiday where outside activity is common, keep your pets inside for the evening, including the weekend before Halloween. Troublemakers may seek out your animals, especially cats. Keeping them inside keeps them safe!