Hurricane Harvey – How You Can Help Now

Hurricane Harvey has passed and Special Pals is looking ahead to the days to come.

We were prepared ahead of time and transferred 25% of our adoptable dogs to nearby facilities. Fortunately, we did not experience water inside the shelter. Our staff was able to get in and out with regularity and keep our pals clean, fed, and comfortable. There are a few roof leaks to manage and repair, but nothing that is affecting the animals at this time.

While going through this storm, we have received so much love and so many well wishes from people in our community, in our state, and all over the country! The thank yous and words of appreciation cannot come fast enough or often enough to each and every person who has kept us in their thoughts. We felt the love, and we’ll say it again: we thank you so much for everything!

And now our work continues.

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The rain has slowed, the water is retreating, but we will be busy cleaning up after this weather. Here’s what Special Pals expects over the next several days as the Houston area recovers from Hurricane Harvey:

  • We are preparing to be flooded with displaced intakes as animals are found after the storm… and we expect some of them to be injured and needing medical care. We will need to replenish our supplies and resources to help care for these pals and keep them safe.
  • We will need funding to help supplement the cost of boarding 25% of our adoptables at nearby facilities (they are safe, too!)
  • We will need funding to repair roof leaks caused by the storm.
  • We will be replenishing our emergency funding and our emergency supplies to be ready for the next inevitable severe weather event.

Special Pals Shelter - Hurricane Harvey

We are ready to be there for our friends and neighbors, but we need your help. Please consider making a donation via our secure PayPal link. All contributions will go directly to providing uninterrupted care for our animals, and the new animals we will receive.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery at Special Pals

If you’re local and ready to get your hands dirty, follow us on Facebook for updates on what help we need at the shelter in the days and weeks to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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