Celebrate Safely – Fireworks & Your Pets

Fireworks & Pet Safety - Special Pals

Fireworks are fun and festive, but they can be pretty stressful for your pets. Loud noises, bright flashes, and strange smells in the air make for some nervous nellies during holidays like July 4th and New Years Eve.

Many animals are lost around these holidays and end up at Special Pals and municipal shelters across Houston. It’s a sad trend that exists nation-wide. Make sure your pet feels secure – and stays home – with these simple tips for celebrating safely.

Pet Safety & Fireworks

  • Treat your pet like you would a small child – NEVER light fireworks near your pets. Lighting fireworks near your pets can damage their hearing and cause serious injuries. Observe fireworks from a safe distance.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash outside of your home or yard. Even the calmest of characters may bolt unexpectedly at a new sight or smell, like fireworks!
  • Bring your pet inside. An animal’s first instinct when scared is to run, even if that means digging or hopping over fences. The best place for your pet is inside, safe and secure.
  • Give your pet a comfortable place to relax. Make them feel safe with you inside, even if they’re usually an outdoor pet. Secure them in a room with food, water, a litter box (for kitties), and a cozy place to lay down. Draw your blinds and curtains too; the lights from the flashing fireworks may still give them the creeps. If you will be celebrating outside of your home, you might consider leaving a radio or TV on to help drown out all the whirs and booms outside.
  • Use products designed to reduce anxiety in pets, like Thundershirts for dogs, natural calming treats for dogs and for cats, and pheromone products like Feliway diffusers for cats and Adaptil diffusers for dogs.
  • Make sure your pet’s ID tags and microchip information are up to date. If your pal does take off out of fright, a microchip with current contact information and a collar with current tags means a better chance for a happy reunion.
  • Clean up the debris after the fun. Lots of chemicals go into fireworks – ingesting the leftovers can be fatal to your pet, so sweep the yard before letting them roam free again!

Fireworks Are Scary!

Animal shelters in America consistently see a spike in found animals around New Year’s Eve and July 4th (read more about that on Huffpost) and following our safety tips will help decrease the chances of your pal becoming a lost pet statistic.

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