Microchipping at Special Pals - Houston, Texas

A microchip is a like a collar you can't take off.

About the size of a grain of rice, a microchip is a small radio-frequency chip designed with a unique identifying number. That number is part of an international database, and attached to that number is your pet's name and your unique contact information.

 Microchips save lives!

Microchips are more effective than collars and ID tags alone because they stay with your pet for life! All veterinary offices, animal shelters, and municipal animal control facilities are equipped with chip scanners. The first thing these organizations do when they encounter a stray is to scan for that chip.

Special Pals has reunited hundreds of lost pets with their families thanks to microchips. In many cases we can reunite that same day!

Get your pet home faster with a microchip!

Microchips can be administered during regular business hours - no appointment needed! Any of our trained shelter staff can microchip your pet, and it's a very fast process! Allow around 15 minutes, start to finish.



Q: How much do microchips cost?

A: Microchipping your pet is $30 at Special Pals. Click here to see other pricing.

Q: What should I bring to get a microchip?

A: Bring your pet (on a leash or in a kennel carrier) and proof of ownership, like shot records or adoption paperwork.

Q: Can you microchip my pet during Saturday shot clinics?

A: Yes! However, due to longer wait times, we recommend you come at another time if you are not getting vaccines or other services during our Saturday shot clinic.

Q: Can you microchip my pet during spay/neuter surgery?

A: Yes! Let us know ahead of time and we'll be ready to chip when we snip.

Q: Where can I register a microchip or update my contact information?

A: Click the button below. Have your microchip ID number ready - it's provided on a card when you adopt from Special Pals or purchase a microchip from us!

Register a microchip