Low Cost Boarding - Special Pals Shelter - Katy Texas Dog Boarding

Our low cost boarding program is easy and affordable. Past adopters, clinic clients, members of the military and National Guard, and community leaders trust Special Pals with the care of their dogs while they are away.

Why Board With Special Pals?

The Space

Our kennels have both an inner (approx. 3' long, 3' wide, and 3.5' high) and outer section (approx. 8' long, 3' wide, and 5' high). That's larger than most kennels in other boarding facilities.

The Comfort

Our inner kennels are air conditioned during warm weather, and heated during cold weather. For even more peace of mind, Special Pals staff and facility have been certified in the Infections Disease Management Program by Heroes For Healthy Pets and Merck Animal Health.

The Love

When you're with Special Pals, even temporarily, you're part of our pack. Our staff care deeply about animals and will treat your family member like one of their own. Dogs get several hours of shaded fresh air in the outdoor grassy kennels, and walks at least twice daily.

... and by the way, our low cost boarding program directly contributes to the care of the adoptable animals at Special Pals.

  • All dogs are boarded in clearly marked kennels to avoid confusion.
  • Be sure to bring enough food for your pet to last the duration of their boarding stay.
  • To aid in your pets comfort you may bring bedding and toys to the shelter, but please do not bring anything that is irreplaceable. Special Pals will provide everything your pet needs should you choose not to bring anything from home.
  • While Special Pals makes every attempt to avoid misplacing your items, it is possible for personal items to get mixed in with shelter items.


Dogs < 30 lbs.

Standard Kennel

$20 per night, per dog

$30 per night for two dogs kenneled together

Doggy Retreat

$35 per night

+ $20 per dog, for up to 4 dogs

Dogs 31-60 lbs.

Standard Kennel

$25 per night, per dog

If space allows, up to two dogs can be kenneled together

Doggy Retreat

$35 per night

+ $25 per dog, up to 3 dogs

Dogs > 60 lbs.

Standard Kennel

$30 per night, per dog

If space allows, dogs can be kenneled adjacent to each other, but cannot be kenneled together

Doggy Retreat

$35 per night

+ $30 per dog, up to 3 dogs


  • Payment is due at the time of drop-off.
  • Dogs must be between 1 year and 7 years old.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  • Provide a supply of food for your dog to last through their boarding stay.
  • Provide vaccination records: dogs must be current on DA2PPC  (at least 3 weeks prior to boarding date), rabies, and Bordatella vaccinations.


  • Pre-booking is required. Please call ahead or contact us by email to ensure space is available.  Special Pals does not allow drop-in boarding.
  • Drop-off and pick-up times are during normal business hours. Special Pals is closed on holidays.
  • Other animal rescue organizations are welcome to board temporarily with Special Pals at a deeply discounted rate; please contact us for details! We work with some of the best nonprofit rescue groups in Houston, including Rescued Pets Movement and PUPS.

Want to book your boarding dates? Contact us now.