Fostering Our Pals

Foster Homes Needed For:

  • Pregnant dogs and cats
  • Nursing mommies and their babies
  • Orphaned puppies and kittens
  • Senior pals
  • Pals with special needs or medical needs

Special Pals fosters are an important part of the process when saving lives and helping more dogs and cats find homes. We call on fosters in the height of breeding seasons to give tiny babies a safe and quiet place to grow. We call on fosters to help socialize some of our "tough cases" and to learn more about our pals. Most of all, we call on fosters to help us get these wonderful dogs and cats seen by more people through networking and sharing.

If you have animal foster experience and you want to help Special Pals, we'd love to hear from you. Contacts us now.

Just like adoptions, fosters must be approved in person.

Foster Kittens - Special Pals

Qualities of a Special Pals Foster

  • Take LOTS of pictures, videos, and network your pal
  • Observe behaviors and provide feedback to shelter staff
  • Bring adoptable animals to the shelter and events
  • Provide a loving temporary home